Great minds, great poets at Spier: Maram al-Massri (Sponsored)

Maram al-Massri

From Paris, but born in Lattakia, Syria, Mme. Maram Al-Massri, is described as an ‘Arab love poet of the modern age’. But her poetry breaks from tradition by drawing from everyday language, images drawn from her childhood, and the Koran. “She writes about all the taboo subjects – physical passion, faithlessness, adultery, loneliness, despair – with candour and intensity that would mark her out even to Westerners,” writes Michael Ninyon, The Times (London).  Some of her most recent work includes Faces, a collaboration with French musical group, Shear:

Al-Massri’s participation in the 2016 Spier Poetry Festival is supported by the French Institute South Africa.

The Spier dancing in other words Poetry Festival is in line with Spier’s aim to host leading artists and thought leaders for creative debate, dialogue and expression. Visit our website to discover more about these poets, and keep abreast of news about these and your favourite participants from previous festivals on our blog.

For more information, contact project manager Marí Stimie.


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